Victory Lighting - Coleiro Group
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Victory Lighting

Victory Lighting was founded in 1991 as a manufacturing partnership with OSRAM.


A speciality in infrared lamps and other speciality products evolved from this and today the company has expanded to include the design and manufacture of luminaires and controls, enabling it to supply total infra-red solutions to the customer. Ultraviolet, LED and petcare products are among the many other products in the company’s portfolio.


LIA member

Victory Lighting is a member of the Lighting Industry Association. The LIA seeks to represent members that demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism, expertise and ethical standards in every aspect of their operations, including the reliability, quality and support of their products and the competence of their employees and representatives.


Research and development

Victory’s R&D team is constantly developing new products and finding new applications for them. Victory is proud to be at the forefront of new, market-leading, developments in UV and IR lamps.


Distribution network

With distributors throughout the world and warehouse centres in the UK, USA, Poland, Australia and China, Victory has the capability to get product to where it is needed quickly and efficiently.


In the USA, Victory has an office in Chicago and warehouse in New Jersey. See an outline of Victory Corporation.


“Hassett Industries, a leading manufacturer of industrial infra-red process heating equipment, choose Victory as their infra-red emitter partner because of the consistent quality and reliability of their products and their flexibility as a supplier.”


We put investment into developing new technologies that allow us to produce products that cut carbon emissions.