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Pentagon Paints Ltd. is part of the Coleiro Group of Companies Ltd. and was established in 2010. This company took over the operations of Trimite Malta Ltd. which had been producing high quality paints since 1985.


During the past few years, the company specialised mainly in the production of automotive, industrial and wood coatings. Together with raw material supplies, chemists and the use of premium quality chemicals ensure that the final product conforms to various standards and performance to satisfy each customer.


For many years, exports to the Middle East and North Africa are being handled by the company and is supplying a range of products specifically formulated to these markets.


Pentagon Paints have extended its overseas strength by partnering with international companies such as PPG Industries and Cromology to market and distribute the Max Meyer range of auto finishes and wall paints in Libya. Since 2001, the support provided to its distributor has enabled the brand to increase considerably its market share.


Trimite and Diamant are brand names that have become synonymous with the customers for quality and competitiveness, and have built a reputation for their long term performance and ease of use products.


Synthetic undercoat – QU50

This Undercoat should be used with Q50 Synthetic Finish. Very good filling and flow properties make it the ideal foundation for the finish. This material may be brushed or sprayed.


Synthetic finish – Q50

This material features ease of use with excellent flow and gloss providing a quality look with a long exterior life. Available in several gloss levels, this durable finish is used in industry to decorate and protect a wide range of substrates.


Paint stripper – J101

This thixotropic product is a non-flammable stripper designed to soften most paint films on metal or wood so that they may easily be removed. It is most effective on cellulose, synthetic and vinyl coatings but can be used on many stoving finishes.


Antifouling paint stripper – J1000

Water based antifouling stripper. Special paint stripper to easily remove – with pressure water-jet or putty-knife, with no need to sand – old antifouling coats (in poor condition) on polyester, wood, iron, aluminium surfaces, etc. It does not damage the gel coat (polyester) even though it is advisable to protect with adhesive tape the area that limits the non-submerged surface and the floating line.


Hammered paint – 109

A durable and mar resistant decorative coating, producing a distinctive high gloss hammer pattern. Designed for brush application, the finish is ideal for concealing surface imperfections and does not normally require the use of primer. May be applied on slightly rusted surfaces.


Cleaning thinner – J103

This product is a specially balanced blend of solvents formulated as an economic cleaner for most types of manual and automatic application equipment. It is not recommended for use as a thinner.


Nitro thinner

Thinner suitable for nitrocellulose paint and lacquers as well as nitrocellulose based primers. It is also suitable for cleaning spray guns and tools. Contains anti-blooming product to limit cloudiness in the paint.


Masonry wall paint – RE413

An all weather masonry paint with a smooth matt finish, offering outstanding durability and protection for interior and exterior walls in harsh environments. The product is suitable for use on brick, concrete, cement rendering pebble-dash and masonry roughcast, with excellent resistance to dirt and water. It can also be applied at temperatures as low as 5°c, offering greater versatility in cold weather than conventional water based coatings. It also reduces the growth of mould drastically due to anti-fungal properties in the product.


Roof compounds

This product is a fibered and rubber reinforced asphalt compound. It forms an elastic and impermeable surface which is highly resistant to all types of weather conditions. It may be applied directly to sound surfaces such as concrete and steel.

Concrete sealer – RJ150

A water repellent solution for the treatment of bricks, mortar, concrete, sandstone and limestone. Acrylic Concrete Sealant RJ150 protects and preserves surfaces from damage by rain and weather, preventing the percolation of water-borne dirt and the development of efflorescence on brickwork.


Metal pretreatments – T Wash RJ210

A single pack acidic solution designed for the pretreatment of new and unweathered galvanizing prior to painting. The solution chemically converts the surface of the zinc to ensure adhesion of standard metal primers.


Rust remover – J105

This product has been formulated for the rapid removal of rust from ferrous components, thereby producing a suitable surface for subsequent painting.


Self etching primers – SAP3

A two pack pretreatment primer consisting of a zinc tetroxychromate pigmented base and an acid solution. The correct use of this product ensures excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including steel, some plastics, and in particular aluminium and its alloys. When air dried or stoved the primer may be overcoated with synthetic, cellulose or stoving finishing systems.


2-pack epoxy primer – AP45

This primer is formulated to provide optimum corrosion resistance, adhesion and filling properties in systems using either A45 Two Pack Epoxy Polyamide Cured Finish or A46 Two Pack Epoxy Amine Cured Finish. This versatile primer is also suitable for use in conjunction with a wide range of air drying and stoving finishes. The primer may be sprayed or brushed and can be force dried according to the system specification.


2-pack polyurethane finish – AE245

A two pack, acrylic polyurethane coating which is rapid drying with a fast surface set ensuring relative freedom from dust pick-up. It is formulated to have a good interior and exterior durability in full gloss with excellent colour and gloss retention. May be used on many suitably primed substrates.


Cellulose primer – CPF40

This cellulose primer filler provides a very fast drying undercoat with good filling properties. Designed to compliment C40 High Build Cellulose Finish, it is also suitable for use under our other cellulose systems giving good flexibility and ease of flatting with either ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ processes.


Cellulose finish – C40

A high quality alkyd reinforced cellulose nitrate finish, originally formulated for vehicle refinishing and exhibiting rapid speed of drying. When used with the recommended priming system, the finish has excellent exterior durability and physical properties which are utilised in various manufacturing industries.


Polyester body filler – A90 J9004

An extremely versatile two pack paste stopper with a very high solids content giving excellent filling, flatting and non-sag properties. Designed for deep hole filling on badly pitted surfaces, such as steel or aluminium castings, polyester mouldings or shot blasted areas where a high degree of stopping is necessary.


2-pack HS primer filler – 5100

Multifill 5100 is a high build 2k acrylic primer-filler. In addition to exceptional filling properties, it is rapid drying, easy sanding and has a high topcoat holdout. User friendly, it is designed for full panels and spot repairs. Multifill 5100 is a multipurpose undercoat. It can be used both as a high solid or a medium solid primer-filler and as a non sanding primer-surfacer.


2-pack UHS clear lacquer – 2500

Clearcoat for two-coat metallic, mica/pearl and solid colour finishing, suitable for spot repairs and complete repairing in car and truck refinishing. It has high solids content, high coverage (one coat application) and is an easy application (one coat or ½ coat + 1). This product is fast drying and has very good hardness, very good gloss, very good weather resistance and easy polishing.


2-pack HS clear lacquer – 2100

HS Clear 2100 is a 2K high solid (HS) clearcoat which has excellent flow properties, it is quick drying and quick to polish with good hardness and gloss. HS Clear 2100 is used for spot, panel and overall repairs. Used with Solvent or Waterborne basecoat, it is the best choice for your high solids clearcoat.


Degreaser – 201

This product is a preparation product especially designed to remove dirt, oils, waxes, silicone and other contaminant agents from bare metal areas before painting. It performs very well at all temperatures and with any kind of job. It facilitates preparatory work on large areas.


Antisilicone cleaner – J102

This product is formulated to clean the surface of metals by removing from the substrate all traces of oil and grease prior to subsequent painting. It is recommended for manual processes where vapour degreasing is not available.


2-pack finish (RAL/BS shades)

This product is a 2-pack direct gloss topcoat for solid colours. It offers high performance under all environmental conditions thanks to a wide range of hardeners and thinners. It has a high chemical resistance and gloss retention.


Cellulose transparent sealer – J3702 C37

A ‘heavy bodied’ sanding wood sealer with excellent flatting properties, which can be used in conjunction with the CL37 range of Wood Lacquers. Whilst widely used for spray application, it also gives very good results when applied by tumbling or plunge dip techniques.


Cellulose transparent finishes – CL37

A rapid drying, nitrocellulose lacquer which provides a tough, clear finish for natural timber and wood veneers in an interior environment. It is widely used for reproduction furniture, ensuring the classic designs retain their excellent appearance. Another major area of use is in the shopfitting industry where the lacquer provides a durable finish for wood and wood-based counters, shelving and point of sale displays. This product offers good speed of drying, excellent flow and protection against scuff and wear.


Cellulose pigmented primer filler – CF37

This filler is for direct application to wood and wood-based substrates including Medium Density Fibreboard which are to be finished with cellulose or precatalysed materials. The product is formulated to give good filling and easy flatting properties.


Cellulose finishes – C35

This product has been formulated to provide the very fast drying speed often required on modern production lines. It is ideal for use on a variety of articles and substrates where an interior commercial finish is required. This product has very fast drying times and is available in full gloss, semi-gloss, eggshell and matt. It is suitable for most metals, woods and certain plastics.


2-pack transparent wood sealers – 600

This product is a two component polyurethane based clear base coat. It is transparent with excellent sandability, high build, suitable for open pore applications and can be applied on all kind of wooden surfaces in furniture industry. This product can be applied by spray.


2-pack transparent finishes – 509

This product is two component polyurethane based, clear topcoat. It has excellent sheen level uniformity, good surface wetting property, waxy feeling, good hardness and can be applied on all kind of interior wooden surfaces in furniture industry. It is not recommended to use on exterior surfaces and can be applied using conventional spray guns. It is available in various sheen levels.

2-pack pigmented primer filler – 333

This product is two component polyurethane based pigmented primer. It has a high filling capacity, high hiding power, easy sandability, high speed of drying and can be applied on all kind of interior wooden surfaces in furniture industry including MDF and solid. This product can be applied using conventional spray guns.


2-pack finishes – 580

This product is two component polyurethane based topcoat. It has good hiding power, good surface durability, good yellowing resistance, good flow and surface hardness. It can be applied on all kind of interior wooden surfaces in furniture industry, such as in the bathroom, on kitchen furniture, doors and the other furniture. Not recommended to use on exterior surfaces and can be applied using a spray gun.


Oil stains – QT76

As the important first stage in wood finishing, this base stain gives an attractive deep penetrating colouration to hard and soft woods and wood veneers. It is used to enhance the natural wood shade or to permit the blending of different timbers in a manufacturing process. The stain can be used under synthetic, cellulose, precatalysed and acid catalysed systems and is particularly effective with the Trimite range of high quality wood finishes. The offered shades which are intermixable reflect the requirements of the contemporary and reproduction furniture industries.


Shading stains – C36

This stain is based on cellulose formulations to give an ease of application as well as compatibility with many systems. The use of stain permits the enhancement of natural wood shades as well as the blending of different timbers in a manufacturing process.


One pack polyurethane varnish – BV42

Based on polyurethane alkyd resin, this single pack varnish enhances the natural beauty of wood. The tough durable film resists scuffs and abrasion, and is suitable for use on all interior and exterior wood surfaces, including doors, stairs, skirting boards and furniture.

Our ambition is clear to minimise the impact that our products have on the environment and for the past number of years, all products conform to current EU Regulations and all chemists shall continue to develop environmentally friendly products.