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1987  MIX is set up. The partners can boast thirty years experience in the high pressure sector. The company manufactures high-pressure hydrocleaners and designs and manufactures special systems for airplanes, tunnels etc. Its clients include SAGAT of Turin, the Italian company responsible for the Mont Blanc tunnel.


1988 – MIX management proposes to get close to and investigate the issue of enivornmental impact, promoting recycling to respect and safeguard the environment. It is a year of research and design which is completed in 1989.


1989 – MIX decides to diversify production and proposes Purification systems for the handling of waste waters deriving from the wastes produced by the activities of car washing, car dealerships and mechanical workshops. The technology which is still used to this day is based on the manufacture of purifiers built soley in STAINLESS steel and handled automatically ( to guarantee complete operational use by the dealer, in respect of waste water within the limits of values set by the territorial laws in force).


1993 – The operational-technical and commercial expertise and the manufacturing guarantee of the products, have made MIX Italian supplier of an important oil company: SHELL ITALIA spa. A result which marks an important beginning in the sales relationships with other important oil companies including ITALIANA PETROLI spa now AGIP PETROLI spa and TAMOIL At present more than 500 systems have been manufactured and installed in Italy and abroad. This important group of clients has driven the company MIX to offer a more attentive assistance service, able to guarantee efficient operation of the system installed.


1996 – Applies the CE trademark on the products it manufactures, in line with the 89/392/CEE and 89/336/CEE directive. ’96 marks another important step in establishing the MIX label on the market: The first high-pressure self service carwash systems for cars and trucks.


1997 – MIX is awarded GOST certification for exports to the ex Soviet Union and conforms with the new regulations set by legislative decree 626/94 regarding safety at work, safeguarding of employees and client guarantee.


1998 – Penetration on the national and international market is sustained by an effective and widespread sales network mediated by the trump of quality. MIX in fact is awarded UNI – EN ISO 9002 certification by the RINA certifiying body no. 1452 dated 28/10/98, confirmation of having reached the highest level of company production and total reliability: essential requirement for a company so it may conform to community and international demands.


1999 MIX transfers to its new plant at OCCIMIANO. Development of the structures and increase in staff (become a necessity) represent another guarantee in identifying client needs and therefore the search for appropriate answers.


2000 – At the beginning of the year, the ever growing needs of more attentive market demands leads to a tangible collaboration with the Spanish ISTOBAL, leader in the sector of brush-washing systems (over 1250 systems produced in 2000). Thanks to this agreement the company becomes the offical supplier of the Q8 group all over Italy.


2001 – In the context of the prestigious event of Autopromotec MIX unveils numerous novelties for the carwash and accessories sector. Among them Multidispenser stands out, an innovative automatic product distributor. The company is awarded on numerous occasions at national and international level. The constant commitment is geared to the improvement of its own range of products and services, and expansion of the assistance network through numerous agencies spread throughout Italy.


2002 – This year awards the ongoing efforts of a team which operates at international level, Istobal represented by MIXin Italy becomes the European supplier of the oil companies of AGIP and ESSO. This is followed by ISO 9001:2000 certification to confirm the consolidated experience in the field of designing carwash and purification systems. Recognition also arrives from the large scale interest for washing systems and the large number of systems produced and sold in Italy and abroad.


2003 – MIX continues to grow: The year begins with a doubling of the size of the production area and development of the technical and sales offices. With ISTOBAL, at the Bologna fair, it will unveil new products and redesigned versions of the products already on the market.


2004 – The remarkable economic outcome of the previous years  leds the company towards new investments, aimed at improving the quality of its products, image and after-sales service. MIX and ISTOBAL turn up at the main exhibitions of the field, arousing the visitors’ interest.


2005 – Mix and Istobal pursue the way they started in 2004, deciding to invest important assets in some of their strategic lines of business: development of an after-sales service (opening of new customer service centres, Call center with a free-of-charge number, databases which can be looked up on the web, technical lessons); Renewal of the whole range of products for car, motorbikes and truck washing plants; redevelopment of the image both of the products and of the company (advertising campaign, web-site, sport sponsorship). The innovations of  the year 2005 are displayed during the usual rendez-vous by Autopromotec.


 2007 – Mix keeps on taking the lion’s share on the national market, with excellent results also in the export area. Strongly reinforced by a twenty-year experience, with an eye for future innovations, MIX tenders a revolutionary solution for car-washing and car-care: Fulljet, a technological marvel offering all the facilities of a modern car-washing plant contained in a unique compact product.


2008 – MIX environmental managment system is certified ISO 14001:2004. MIX celebrates the 20th anniversary of its activity with a number of special events, culminated on 28th November with the presentation of the book “Linee Guida MIX”, written by Carlo Gavotto, in order to present the top technological innovations, remember past successes and pave the way for the company’s future.


2010 – Strenghtened by the successes met in Italy, MIX  centers its its attention on foreign markets, gaining flattering results since the very beginning. The good quality of the products and the flexibility in meeting the customers’ requests are the winning formula of our company. MIX presents during international exhibitions a renovated range of products to its customers.


2012 – MIX celebrates 25 years of activity and successese by increasing its presence in the promising European markets. As far as export is concerned,the number of requests grow steadily and the product latest developments are many and fully appreciated by the demanding professional customers. Service plays a strategic role in strengthen the presence by the most important domestic and international oil companies.