Floor Coatings
Floor Coatings, Resin Flooring in Malta
Floor Coatings, Resin Flooring in Malta
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Floor Coatings

Being the pioneer.

The company was the pioneer in floor resin applications which started in the early 80’s. Painting of floors was a new concept in Malta and once customers started to understand the feasibility of such coatings, this industry progressed immensely.

Large areas of factory floors were coated and many are still in use today. During the years, technology for the resin coatings and relative applications have advanced considerably and the company collaborates with other Italian specialised applicators to ensure top quality finish.


Technology has not only enhanced the quality of the resin flooring but also the design sector. Many surfaces are being finished with patterns to suit the ambience, décor and architecture of the area, thus resulting in a designer finish to compliment the works.


The range of resin flooring includes solvent and water borne, self levelling, high impact resistance and high build systems to satisfy each requirement. Needless to say, our technical advisory department shall assist in recommending the best suited products for each application.


The equipment needed, which includes scarifiers, trimmers, vacuums, extraction systems and all the tools in this trade, are available to limit disruption and ensure fast application process thus guaranteeing that the area can be used in a short period of time.


Products are available for industrial, hospitals, private residences, hotels, car parks, pharmaceutical, food and many other surfaces which need a professional treatment to protect and obtain an easy to clean surface. Many systems are easy to maintain with very low cost repairs.


The combination of fast application time and characteristics of resin flooring have made these types of applications cost efficient and highly resistant.