Elsea - Coleiro Group
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Elsea was founded in 2001 by a group of young entrepreneurs, already experienced in the field of industrial vacuum cleaners. Their main object was to combine their deep knowledge of the cleaning market to high quality products, entirely made in their production facilities located in the south of Italy, close by important and strategic geographical areas. Thanks to the high standing of its products, The ELSEA Company established itself as a new commercial reality in the Italian market, matching properly against the main competitors of its relevant working area. In 2004 ELSEA’s corporate structure was joined by a new partner with an important experience in the administration management of large-sized foreign companies. This actually marked the turning point towards the international trade. The following years showed an increase in the acquisition of customers around the world, where ELSEA gave its considerable contribution to the strengthening of the “Made in Italy” brand. Nowadays, its constant renewed and expanded range of products, whose quality is internationally certified by ISO 9001:2008, TUV- GS, cTUVus and GOST, is present all over the European, American, Australian, Asian, Russian and South African markets.


In 2008 ELSEA started an important marketing project aimed at achieving a more client orientation approach through a greater attention towards their needs in terms of QUALITY, PRICE and RELATIONSHIP. This project proposes a constant research of innovative solutions put in practice by high professional human resources.


Elsea and the environment

Yearly energy emissions production 250.000 kwh

Saved heating oil 60.000 tons

CO2 not emitted in the atmosphere 110.000 tons

These are some of the results obtained thanks to the photovoltaic system, located in 2008 on the roof of our premises. This system allowed from one side an important costing saving, on the other the environment conservation that represents as well an important goal achieved. Profit and environmental respect can “walk” together: Elsea is a clear example of this combination, it is a peaceful isle in a polluted sea.