Boldrini - Coleiro Group
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The experience of the people, enjoyment in work, technologies, materials and last, but not least, a great deal of passion for everything is original, allowed us to create, over the years, products which anticipating trends, pose as valid decoration instruments.


The Company …always original & specialized

We have been working since 1950 with the aim of offering, our customers, original products using special materials and guaranteeing professional low-cost articles. Each single article which we sell, is the result of a meticulous analysis work on materials, shapes, production process, looking for the highest quality standard: this makes “Boldrini Brand-Names” a guarantee for our customer’s needs.


The Service

Our operative offices are always ready to give you any information on our products, technical data, prices, deliveries, stock on hand and shipment. Our sales network, well consolidated both on the domestic market and abroad, guarantees fast and professional contacts for any needs, turning a simple business relationship into a lively and positive co-operation.


Patents and Certifications

Already by the 50th our patents, widened the horizons of the application, making available, in Italy, the first paint rollers and, in subsequent decades, those for the creation of decorative effects, which indelibly marked the evolution of decoration area. Still today, Effects No Limits tools are the most known and imitated in the world. Finally, only in order of time, “Aria”, the new concept of brush handle, were the form innovation, merging with technique, generates a perfect tool.


Production & Quality Control

Our Mission is, improving the quality of work of each applicator, both professional that DIY workers. Our products, subjected to rigorous durability and efficiency testing, for their constructive characteristics, greatly exceed the limits of standard materials, ensuring the best result on every surface. Experienced and qualified operators, doing their job with skill and passion, allow us to maintain, throughout the entire production cycle, the highest quality standards. The quality control is done through the various stages of production that remains, for many steps, deliberately manual, ensuring a better control over any machine.