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spray painting in Malta
spray painting in Malta
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Spray Painting


Many surfaces are painted and whether newly manufactured or for renovation, the proper paint system has to be applied to ensure protection, appearance and sustainability.

Identifying the correct paint system to satisfy your requirements is handled by the technical advisory department whereby a specification product application programme is provided to obtain the desired finish. Having the best possible paint system but applied incorrectly shall result in a complete failure whereby material, time, disruption and loss of use shall amount to great financial losses. The need to have specialised spray paint applicators supervised by certified inspectors has become more indispensable than ever as paint technology keeps developing and applicators must be updated with its correct usage.


They attend various courses organised by the paint suppliers overseas and also other training programmes are organised at the training centre of the company which comprises of a lecture room, spray booth with baking process and preparation area. Foreign technical representatives use these facilities to promote and show the new products being introduced by their companies to local sprayers, sales representatives and also architects who are keen to be abreast with the paint industry that keeps developing.


The services offered consist of blasting, de-rusting, application of paint systems including intumescent coatings and many other technological performance paints. Works carried out by the company included painting of ships, super yachts, hotel furniture, wrought iron railings, bottling plants, tarmac equipment, iron beams protected with intumescent paint system, bath tubs, historic canons, bank vault doors and many other surfaces which needed a professional finish. Each project is discussed in detail with the customer to establish what is expected from the paint.


This will include the ambience, maintenance intervals, corrosion protection, usage and colour. Based on this information, the recommended paint system is offered and applied as per manufacturer’s paint instructions. A product and quality guarantee is provided and a maintenance schedule may also be programmed to prolong the life span of the surface and protect the customers’ assets. Focusing on keeping the agreed specifications on time and commitment to quality is the key to a successful collaboration with the customers.