Ecotechnics - Coleiro Group
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Ecotechnics was founded in 1995 with the aim of producing technologically advanced systems for today’s auto repair shop. The Ecotechnics product range embodies a new working philosophy which involves less manual intervention with the engine and better service using environmentally friendly processes. In just a few years, Ecotechnics has become a world leader in the air-conditioning sector, boasting technical expertise in the development of new products, new design content, and in house new-model patents and Prototype.


This is carried out using the spacious showroom and training facilities allowing for practical testing and demonstrations on vehicles. All this is supported by having close ties and a precious collaboration with various vehicle manufacturers, which has helped Ecotechnics to generate ideas and solutions designed and tailored for the new-generation automobiles.


Continuing investment in research and development, an efficient production cycle, a never-ending search for perfection in the assembly of its products, and the use of only premier-quality approved components, has made Ecotechnics an internationally respected brand name. Ecotechnics also recognizes quality control as of the utmost importance. All our machines are rigorously checked by automatic testing programs and specialized test technicians. With the aid of sophisticated computerized diagnostic systems they check each single function to verify that each machine is in perfect operating condition when it leaves the factory. These are the simple but fundamental parameters on which the company philosophy is based. And it is this philosophy that has made Ecotechnics a world leader in its sector in such a short time with Ecotechnics products that are now distributed in over 50 countries throughout the world.