Technomotor - Coleiro Group
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The long and steady attendance on the market for more than 25 years is the best warranty for the Customers worldwide.


For years Tecnomotor Spa works in the branch of the Exhaust Gas Analysis, Engine Diagnosis, Air Conditioning Recharge Units, TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor) Sensors Diagnosis, and mostly in the Electronic Diagnosis fitted on-board of all the kind of the Vehicles (SOCIO for Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks and Commercial Vehicles).


Tecnomotor Spa was born in Parma (Italy) in 1985. First Italian Company that applied the reverse engineering methodology to develop OBD software. In Dec. 1993 Tecnomotor was acquired by Nexion group. Nel gruppo Nexion sono presenti aziende che progettano, producono e distribuisono attrezzature per il servizio di after sales dei veicoli. Le aziende principali del gruppo Nexion sono: Corghi, Mondolfo Ferro, Sice, SimpesFaip, Teco. In April 1999 Tecnomotor was certified according to ISO9001 standard.