M&B Engineering
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M&B Engineering

M&B was established on 3 February 2006 by Franco Magnani and Dido Boni. The founding partners began their professional experience in the automotive sector at a company in Correggio, leaders in the production of equipment for tire specialists and car workshops, especially tire changers and wheel balancers. Franco Magnani started his technical-commercial experience in 1959 and Dido Boni exactly ten years later (1969). In January 1975, together with two other partners, they founded the company Sicam, remaining at the helm until August 2005 and achieving success and recognition all over the world for their machines and equipment designed to solve the issues resulting from the constant evolution of tires and fitting them on rims. M&B was created to pass on all this experience and know-how to their heirs, who are, and will remain in the future, the supporting pillars of the new company. The important technical-commercial skills of Mr Magnani and Mr Boni, the already significant experience accumulated by their children, and independence from the large groups in the sector makes M&B an important presence, dedicated to the production of high quality machines and equipment offering the best and most innovative technical solutions.


M&B Engineering continues its journey between the producers of machines and accessories for the world of tires. The methods of production and the attention given to customers, provide quality equipment tire changers and wheel balancers. This quality business is certified by ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001.