Aer Service - Coleiro Group
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Aer Service

Since 1982, products and solutions to improve air quality in the workplace


Aerservice started out in 1982, using its experience in the construction of air treatment systems with civil and industrial applications. Since the 80’s into the new millennium, Aerservice has become a leading player in Italy and worldwide through an extensive distribution and sales network, a high calibre range of technical products and a modern and well-organized service with logistics facilities in various locations in Italy and other countries.


A series of specific, fixed or portable, technical solutions to the treatment of contaminated air in the two following primary sectors



With fixed and portable equipment for expulsion, filtration and cleaning of fumes and dust deriving from welding process, thermal cut, surface treatment and industrial process in general. Centrifugal fans, axial exhaust systems and components such as filters and flexible ducts.



With fixed and portable vehicle exhaust gas extraction systems for cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors and other agricultural vehicles in the repair shops, inspection centers, garages, bodywork shops, depots and parking in both residential and industrial contexts.